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Titan Sonata Watches is one of the most popular brands of watches in India for quality and reasonable price tags. Comprising of both analog and digital watches, the metal strap of the Sonata Watches is a big hit with the Indian working class men.

The Titan Sonata Watches comes in over 650 models in plain gold, steel, dual tone and plastic watches that are suitable for various occasions, styles and personalities.

Among the most popular Titan Sonata Watches with their respective age groups are:

Titan Sonata SF Watches

The Titan Sonata SF (Super Fiber) watches have been introduced in India to counter the threat of cheap Chinese watches and others of spurious quality. A perfect combination of analogue and digital watches, the Titan Sonata SF Watches are priced in the band Rs 275-Rs 550 and targets the youth segment in the age group of 16-20 years.

Titan Sonata Delightful Duo
Titan has come up with two wonderful watches that come in a pair- one for man and the other for woman. Dubbed as Sonata Delightful Duo the watches have refreshingly new design. The Titan Sonata watches for men have large rectangular dials with a delicate finish and golden chain like bands. The watches for women have a similar make with a personification of feminine grace. breitling bentley The Sonata Delightful Duo is a wonderful gift item.

Titan Sonata Yuva collection
The Sonata Yuva collection consists of a series of young, trendy and colorful watches targeted for the younger generation of India. This is also captured in the tag line that says Naya Josh, Naya Vishwas.

breitling bentley Every watch in this collection has a combination of patterns and colors on the dial, which are extended on the straps. The Yuva collection watches are available in both gold and steel look, with both metal and leather straps thereby offering a great variety.

Titan Sonata Solid Steel collection
The Titan Sonata Solid Steel Collection of watches has been designed for the consumers in the age group of 20-30 years across all urban classes.
This “solid style” collection comprises 24 models and is expected to redefine the style quotient of the growing steel watch category.

Titan Sonata gold plated watches
The Titan Sonata gold plated watches are popular with specially the Indian middle class. The collection start at Rs 395 in a leather strap (gold plated case) and Rs 550 with a gold plated metal strap (gold plated case). There are 40 models in this collection.

Titan Sonata Watches known as “5 Ghadi ke barabar” comes with the backing of being a Tata product with five clear functional attributes, Affordability, looks, 1 Year Guarantee, Waterproof and Durability. You better own one!

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